singer | songwriter | producer


EMILA captivates listeners with music that is utterly eerie and haunting. Known for her dark-pop sound, EMILA’s music hooks listeners in through her use of dark undertones and melodies. Her production and writing style redefines what is considered standard pop by adding whimsical and haunting elements.


In 2020, EMILA released first self-produced EP, “LOST”, which featured some of her notoriously evocative work. Following her EP, she released “TAKE ME OUT” and "LIGHTS ON", where she pushed her dark-pop boundary by adding a touch of sultry and seductive musical flair.


EMILA’s latest single, “Far Far Far Away” is already captivating audiences all across the world. The song pays homage to the idea of escapism and wondering off to a dreamland. The slow-paced feature takes listeners into a new dimension, far, far, far, away.


EMILA is continuing to expand into new styles and reshaping her sound by being a triple-threat talent of singer, songwriter, and electronic producer.